The ScoopEdit

well it all started with "meet the dogers".there were some hates and stuff,but i didn`t care.i just kept on try and then made the dudmeleon.a lot more liked,but then came welcome to many,many,many hates.all containing some swearword.i sobed and cryed and cryed and sobed for a whole day i decided "delete".but i still made fanon and what if everyone hated them,it made me me witch made me what i am today.a awsome fanon writer who everyone likes!now that im noticed and my #1 enemy KittyKatswell925 became my best internet buddy AND un-deleted w.t.d,i make sure i do what i do.make my imagenation run WILD!

A Little More InfoEdit

so,will some more stuff will do you?cause here comes the sprinkles one the scoop.i was born on 2000 febuary 18 at favourate shows include angry beavers,rockos modern life,danny you could say im a 90`s guy.i also have an acount on club penguin(hone783) and PSN (pacmaina 1somthing,somthing,somthing).

The List (or at least what i remember)Edit

some of my recent fanfics are:sales mutt,a misson for dudly,a misson for kitty,shut up and drive,untitled,nuarmaulll frriends,the epic adventures of kitty and keswick and welcome to doomworld (re-born)

The Futere Is BrightEdit

newbies are coming:cereal killers,were in the money,into the wild black yonder,fladda,bladda,madda,cruda,monkey switching,two ton,re-run,free for all baseball,the D.O.O.M employes strike back