I joined the wiki just because I found something special in this cartoon. When I first saw it, i though it will be another rip off with no real action or humour. But as the episode finished I thought "WOW, it's really funny, a cartoon of the type that stopped being produced for a while know, something like SB that won't make you throw up like FB&CC!" I really got the hang of it and started watching it. The very reason why I joined the wiki is because where I live this cartoon arrives with huge delay, and I just just wanted to be on the front line. Then I discovered the wikia and you.......yeah you.......the kind and friendly guy (or girl) who might be reading this.

My fanon:Edit

As I gathered experience in the wikia, I saw that poeple have fanons, (if you read this you know that this means), and I decited to make one of my own. The creation process was really smooth by me, and the volume of the description overpassed my expectations. Anyway, I resulted with Agent R. I named him like that beacause I wanted him to have a memorable and easy name at the same time (plus, it's easier to type (troll) ). I wanted him to be unique in every possible way that's why I gave him those qualifications. I gave him his origin probably because of my strong afilliance with it. It may sound stupid but he has many corelations with me. Agent R proved out to be quite succesful, he even made it in the T.U.F.F. Company, and for that I fell proud, honored, and thank those who were nice and good friends to me all the time.

Fanfics and rp:Edit

As I continued to gather experience on the wikia, I was coming up with ideas relating my fanon, so once, out of bordom, I put them on paper, or on the dispay to be more accurate (troll). It is one of the very few fics I made, but I make it out by perticipating in rp's. I actually really like participating in them as I can get rid of the extra "creativity" and have fun.

Recently I realized my second fanfic separed in 2 parts ironically named "bLcak in the past". Just as the previous fic, this one combines elements of a story, action, and a few (at least to my opinion) funny parts. To me it was a relative success :). As usually I have an abudence of ides but I don't think anyone is ready for another full time fic writer XD

Present day:Edit

Hey, I just have fun and share a common interst in this wiki with a nice company. I don't think here exists a real hierarhical gradation (even if it does). Under that little badge that says admin or chat moderator, there's just a nice and polite person, ready to share a laugh, a joke, an impression or a thought. Anyway, I like it here and hope I'll hang around a little more.