Chapter 1: Joining the Wiki

I don't really remember why I decided to join the wiki. I think I was bored and had nothing else to do, but anyway I made an account and made the most "creative" username ever. After being on there for a few minutes, I started wondering why I even made the account. All the other wikis I've been on seem to have had some pretty mean people on there. I was afraid this wiki would be the same way, but it turns out I was wrong. I decided to get on the chat the wiki had, there I met two of the users, Matt and DarkMageDragon (haven't seen him since). They were nothing like the people I've met on other wikis. I started to think that this wiki wouldn't be so bad.

Chapter 2: 3 Month Return

I have to admit I was shy when I first got on the chat. Didn't know my shyness would make me stay away from the wiki for three months. Well another reason was I forgot what my password for my account, so that didn't help either. Three months later, I come back to the wiki, and Matt was on the chat...but DMD wasn't on; Instead it was some other user (If I remember correctly it was SK). After that I started to get on the wiki more. I'll edit some things and most of the time I would get on the chat (even though I was nervous to talk to WK,SK,Tabby, and just about everyone else there). But I eventually got over it.