Chapter 1: WelcomeEdit

I answered the last question and clicked "Create Account", hands shaking with excitement. Just one more second I thought and I'll be an offical user! Soon I got the message "Congratulations! You have successfully made an account."

"Yahoo!" I shouted and started dancing alround. I was finally a user of the T.U.F.F. puppy wikia, where all the cool fans hang out. There were places like the message boards, fan pages and stuff like that, but this was the bomb! After seeing the Spongebob wiki was a Squarepants wonderland, I knew there would be one for T.U.F.F. And there was! Instead of being that lame Wikia Contributor 1,720 blah blah, I was now KittyKatswell925, the brave in the bold (Ok, I might not be Batman, but I was ready to begin).

You see, I am a HUGE fan of T.U.F.F. puppy. I've loved it ever since I started watching it. But, I am also a HUGE fan of the internet. Usually about 14 hours (yep, I said 14) a day I'm on. The thing is, I don't have a big varity to choose from websites. I had Nick and Wizard101. That's it. That's all I was interested in. I needed something else. I searched the internet hoping someday, I'll find T.U.F.F. puppy fans as big as me. has message boards, including T.U.F.F. puppy message boards, which I loved to post on! Of course, there were only like 100 topics because apparently, everyone! Hated! T.U.F.F.! PUPPY! I don't see why though. It has action, a little bit of drama, and some great jokes and funny scenes. It was my favorite show, no judge. Like I as saying, it wasn't enough.

Wizard101 had message boards too, but besides it was an online 3D world, no one talked about T.U.F.F. puppy.

The Making of ClaireEdit

Once I joined the Nick message boards, I noticed people started making stuff called "fanon", which is fan made episode ideas/character ideas and other stuff. People were making their own "agents" to join "T.U.F.F." I knew I had to do this, but what could I possibly create? I thought the show was fine just the way it was, I had no ideas. I liked Kitty a lot at the time (NOT a fanboy. I am a girl!) so I decided to make my agent a girl cat. Personality? How about the polar opposite of Kitty, nice, cheerful and never on task. Ok, outfit? What would a cheerful person wear? Bright colors, orange, blue and purple. Not a dress, but a comfy outfit. Alright, got that done, now name. Something girly? Sonny? No. Charlette? No. Wanda. Difenitely not! Claire. Hmm, I like that. Claire it is. And besides my username is Catty200, it will be Claire Catty200! I posted my info on a "Make your own agent topic" and hoped to get repiles. Hello? Anyone? I tried posting on a few missions, but I never got noticed. This was gonna be harder then I thought. Well, I wasn't gonna give up. I kept posting.

My first fanficEdit

I saw some other things called "fanfics" fan made stories, mostly crossovers. If T.U.F.F. puppy did have a crossover, what show would it be? Then, I got a grand idea. T.U.F.F. puppy and Spongebob, together! I started working up a plot and finally, decided to posted it. I was a little nervous at first, what if it turned out really bad? But, I finally had the guts to post it. I was really excited! I love writing, so this would be a lot of fun. Back then, I had horror spelling and grammer, so I was kinda surprised when the fans of the story could actually read it. Yep, after a few parts, T.U.F.F. vs. Sponge (the clever name :P) got some fans! Only like 12 or something, but still! Little did I know T.U.F.F. vs. Sponge would become a little more famous. Which adds up to the wiki.

I first used the wiki as an info source. Why did I not make an account in April 2011 and just looked on the wiki for new episode ideas, you may ask. Well, I took one look at the comment box, and I was outta there! At that time, I wasn't anywhere near being used to Kitty fanboys or Keswick fan girls. They scared EVERYTHING outta me. So, I figured I was on an innapropraite website and just pretty much left. I kept using the wiki like this until September 2011, when I saw a special message.

I WAS a somebody!Edit

It was a message for some kind of fanon. The wiki was apparently moving T.U.F.F. puppy fanfiction to their site, and they had a list of users, from, believe it or not, that they wanted to start writing fanon on the wiki.

Wow, cool! I thought.

I started scrolling down the lists.

Hey, I reconize all these users. I mind say, remembering all the great agents users created. But, when I reached the end of this list, I got a surprise. There, in bright bold letters, was the name Catty200.

I was too shocked to say anything at first, but, I was kinda excited. I mean, I started out to be such a lame character, who never got any replies. And here I was, wanting to be heard on another website, the ULTIMATE website. I should be celebrating! But instead, I was worried. My dad would never allow me on a site with all the swearing people, innapropraite Kitty fanboyism and other things.

"Hey Dad!"

My dad said it was ok, so I was on! WOOP! That's where I am now, just creating my user name and officially joining. It was actually pretty exciting. So what if it was some internet site? After getting through the rough beginning, things I'll never forget began to happen.

I don't belong here?Edit

Now, here I am, sitting here in my leather chair, thinking about what to do first. I should probably inform TheWonderKat (aka DudXKit on, who was a site admin that I had made my account. After that, I should work on copying onto T.U.F.F. vs. Sponge (which had its own page! :D) and make my first edits.

It was fun looking around the site, getting used to the surroundings and checking out what the users were like. I'm sorry to say but....ehhh.....

I didn't get the, let's just say "warmest welcome" when I joined. Besides I was bored and should try to get noticed, I made a blog post called "The T.U.F.F. Club," which is basically just a place where T.U.F.F. puppy fans can gather to talk about the show, etc. I was kinda expecting a ton of people that wanted to join, but instead, this was the first message I got: "Isn't that bascially what the wiki is?" And when more people agreed, my disappointment dropped even more. My first blog post, and I blew it. And that wasn't all.

Someone else posted a blog post about not having a wiki chat. We obviously do have a chat, so everyone is like "Are you BLIND?! Of course we have a chat!" I felt bad for this poor person, so I began calling the topic TOERP (Topic of Extremely Rude People) or something like that (can't exactly remember.) Also, I had said something about a joke a active user, Tabby the Hedgehog (aka, Jared1600 on Hey, at least I knew 2 people) had used. He got kinda irratated that I did this, and besides I was an immature freak at the time, I replied back "Sheesh, Tabby!" which started ANOTHER fight! Wow, this wiki wasn't turning out as great as I thought....